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Not all water in Zurich is equal.
Do you know where the mineral-rich water fountains are?

Water-fountains.org is an open-source project to map Zurich's 1200 fountains, complete with water source and historical information. Data will be pulled from the official data repository data.stadt-zuerich.ch, and combined with data from wikidata, wikimedia, and other sources to provide information that is complete, rich, and continuously maintained by its users.

How to help

I built a prototype a few years ago (see story below), but that was before I knew anything about programming. I am now restarting development and there is a lot to do if you want to help!

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background story

Back in 2015, I was on the City of Zurich's website when I stumbled across an amazing resource : a PDF file containing addresses for around 800 of the city's drinking water fountains! I was just getting interested in web mapping thanks to the inspiring work at Mapbox, so this was a perfect project to get started. I copied the data from the PDF into a text file, and found a free reverse geocoding tool online that provided approximate geographical coordinates for each water fountain address. This initial dataset was rudimentary and contained many errors, and the city of Zurich has since opened a high-quality dataset of all 1200 fountains.

- Matthew Moy de Vitry